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Special Services

Sticker Farmer does not stop at packaging.

We offer ways to constantly evolve our brand and capture the attention of your audience. 

  • Have a container you want to use but we don't currently sell? 

You can supply your special packaging or let us source your desired container. Our design team can create custom label templates and produce labels for your unique containers. We offer many types of in-house application services or you can buy labels on a roll and apply yourself.

  • Need your files stored for later use?

It is important to keep good organization of your final artwork files.

We can help conveniently store your files and help utilize them for future marketing ideas.

  • Looking to expand your brand with extra accessories?

We can aid in the expansion of your product line and marketing materials, such as keychains or shopping bags.

SF paper SHOPPING both Bag Mockup Template.png
SF GREEN Dropper Bottle Mockup.png
Terp Mansion Plastic Square Jar.png
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